Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Lego City

The most expensive lego sets - the popular modular houses consisting of Grand Emporium, Green Grocer and Cafe Corner which costs us a bomb!
Modular Houses

 Cafe Corner Front View
1st level of Cafe Corner (put in tables, chairs and counters as empty)
Single Bed 2nd level Hotel of Cafe Corner (put in as empty)

3rd level of Cafe Corner with queen size beds (as empty)

 Green Grocer Front View
1st level of Green Grocer (comprehensive supermarket)
2nd level of Green Grocer with fireplace and pole bed and dining area (put in as empty)
3rd level of Green Grocer (grandfather clock, carpet and extra hidden TV corner)

Grand Emporium Front View with park
1st level of Grand Emporium (clothes section)
2nd level of Grand Emporium (cutlery section)
3rd storey of Grand Emporium (big lights and toys section)

Next to the modular houses is the modern city with airport, harbour, police station, hospital, fire station, train, houses, shops, garage, city transport, SPACE SHUTTLE, construction vehicles, F1, etc.
Front View
Side View
Garage with waste truck, road sweeper and small tow truck

Fire Station Back View with fireboat and train station
Fire Station Front View with many extra fire vehicles and even a fire helicopter!
Construction Shop + City Corner + City House combined with new bus and light repair truck
Airport with mail van and minicar in front and airliner, seaplane and mail plane in background
The busy runway with train, tram, bicycle/skateboard shop, mini train station and police/coastguard vehicles,etc
Improved apple tree house
Camper with bus shop stop
Police Station (old and new combined)
Coast Guard
Space Shuttle
Construction Dump Truck and Front loader
Construction Crawler
Harbour Port
Service Station
Wind Mill that powers the whole city

F1 Ferrari Finishing Line with truck
City Bank (newly added - 3661)

All in all, almost empty our pockets with 3 zeros - really an expensive hobby! Manage to sell some redundant lego sets but still not enough to cover our loss... It is really a admiration marvel from my biggest HDB bedroom but they has been shifted to living room cabinets to save space. Many lego sets have been sold at a great loss to save space too in store room.


  1. Those rich lego hobbyist who is willing to fork out $10k will give free delivery + installation with boxes and instruction manuals included. Foreign buyers are welcome just need to convert to foreign currency accordingly.

  2. Just reduce to $9k as some redundant lego sets sold off.

  3. Hi there I chanced upon your blog today and I was wondering if you still have the following Lego sets?
    - Carousel
    - Cafe Corner
    - Market Street
    - Green Grocer
    - Taj Mahal

    Please email and we can discuss further. Thanks!


  4. Hi, you still have lego sets for sale? let me know and message me here or