Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Display Lego Sets

Due to 2nd kid coming on the way in October 2011, I have to clear the biggest HDB bedroom of the lego sets, so I have to buy a display cabinet from IKEA Tampines to house the modular buildings and space shuttle.

Space Shuttle (with new 3368 minus space rocket, 3366 satellite launcher & 3365 Moon Buggy) + F1 Finishing Line

Grand Emporium with Shop, Bus, Bus-Stop, Ambulance Helicopter & Vehicles

Green Grocer with Tram Stop, Tram, new City Bank (3661), Police Helicopter & Vehicles

 Cafe Corner with City House, Shop, Fire Helicopter & Vehicles
My wife dream car - the VW beetle (NOT FOR SALE!

Due to space constraints, we manage to sell off some redundant lego sets, so selling price is reduced. Please refer below.

Bought another display cabinet from IKEA Alexandra to house 2 more modular buildings and VW beetle:

10218 - Pet Shop - released Sep 2011
10197 - Fire Bridgade
Sold off my old Fire Station 7208 at a great loss as a result but keep the vehicles to compare old vs new fire vehicles.

New VW van 10220 bought to display in cabinet.

Many lego sets sold to save space.

A new addition 10224 Town Hall but too high so the clock tower has to be dismantled.
One more modular building to MAYBE buy and I am done as the two display cabinets will be full. Enough is enough!

I just bought a old time aeroplane 10226 sopwith camel to put on top of the Volkswagon beatle car due to lack of space.

The last lego that I will buy is the modular building 10232 Palace cinema to fill up the display cabinet:

It matches with the super hero dark knight rises 76001 The bat vs bane: tumbler chase


  1. All the above images are edited with Adobe Photoshop CS5 to improve the quality produced with LG Optimus 7 smartphone.

    1. Hi, is the VW van 10220 still available? Please contact me at 96604918. Thanks.

  2. Hi, is the VW van 10220 still available? Please contact me at 96604918. Thanks.